Internet TV Box

What is Internet TV Box?

Network TV boxes, often referred to as set-top box or on the box, to connect a TV with an external signal source equipment. It can be compressed digital signal converted to TV content, and displayed on the TV. The signal from cable, satellite antennas, broadband networks, and terrestrial broadcasting. In addition to the analog TV can provide images, sound, set-top box to receive the content, is able to receive data, including electronic program guides , Internet pages, subtitles, etc..

HD Internet TV set-top box Simply put, the “high-definition Internet TV box” can be seen through the INTERNET Internet video set-top box. That is the ordinary set-top box connected to coaxial cable, is taking the cable TV network; this set-top box connected to the network cable, is taking the Internet. From the content point of view, the general set-top box to receive the various TV channels, but this product is mainly used to watch movies and TV series, in a slightly different purposes.

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