Android 4.0

What is Android 4.0?

Android 4.0Whenever Google released a new operating system , on the various mobile phone manufacturers to upgrade generation operation will be put on the agenda, there would be a next-generation operating system messages on the Internet outflow, this form gradually become the Google Android operating system the promotion kinds of the usual way. Upcoming Android2.3 gingerbread, Android3.0 systems honeycomb is exposed, various mobile phone manufacturers are busy own Android phone to upgrade to Android2.2 operating system, foreign media have pointed out that the name of the Android next-generation system has been OK, whistleblowers, Tudor Brown, ARM’s CEO , the series of products code-named Ice Cream Sandwich , referred to as the ICS, Chinese literal translation is “ice cream sandwiches. Google has been very clear to tell you: the Android4.0 all cell phone and tablet computer systems integration, products, and no minimum hardware requirements, in theory, the existing Android2.2/2.3 can upgrade Android4.0. not set limits on the hardware at the same time, Google announced the Android 4.0 system soon after Google also announced the Android 3.0 SDK will be made ​​public. 4.0 source code, the latest version 4.0.3.

A the Google Android the Ice Cream, Sandwich operating system screenshots has been exposed on the Internet abroad, this picture released by the foreign Android the Police website. This diagram is said to the site on a Google Nexus S smartphone cut down, in fact, this picture is just a set of screenshots of a. From that picture, we can see that the latest version of the Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system seems to have some changes in the UI user interface, in addition we can also see from the picture, some other new features, such as that the new themes such as Gmail. Google’s latest version of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system yet not officially listed, after the news that Google or going to officially released the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system in October, which means that the new version of Android and Apple iPhone 4S iOS5 formal Rush.

Held in May of this year’s Google I / O conference, Google officially announced the existence of the Ice Cream Sandwich, Andrews users and developers around the world are highly anticipated on this operating system. Google said code-named Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, the most prominent feature is that will be able to harmonize the various versions of the Andrew system, change the Andrews tablet PCs and smart phones and differentiation status quo, at the same time, according to Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich has the following features:

Unified smart phones and tablet computer systems: a new generation of the Andrew system Google Ice Cream Sandwich will be only one version, while supporting smart phones, tablet PCs, which will address the the the 3.x Andrews and Andrews 2.x operating system version differentiation problem, developers for the development of tablet PCs and smart phones also can be common.

Familiar with the Android friends all know that Google has always loved the name of the dessert named for the Android operating system. Android1.5 operating system command CupCake CupCake domestic girls prefer a cup cake in the cake room or buffet is more common. Android1.6 operating system known as Donut, which is the movie ” Transformers “fat hacker eating donuts at the trial. Android2.0/2.01/2.1 is named Eclair cream sandwich bread. Various mobile phone manufacturers are upgrade the Android2 of the operating system called Froyo, desserts called frozen yogurt. In the recently published Android2.3 called Gingerbread, is called gingerbread cookies. Android3.0 operating system called HoneyComb shaved head chef in the movie the last paragraph of the film “Feast” is to the bear’s paw into the pot, and then accompanied the honeycomb cooking. The latest exposure of Android4.0 system named Ice Cream Sandwich, ice cream sandwich.

Top 10 features

1. Unified version of the Android TV phone plate fusion

Android 4.0 will provide a version supports both smart phones, tablet PCs, televisions and other equipment. So far, the Android system devices will usher in a unified Android tablet distress situation will be effectively improved. On the other hand, the growing of appliance manufacturers, including Samsung, Sony Smart TV will usher in a valuable Android upgrade.

2, the newly designed UI user-friendly experience interface

Google Android 2.3 version update, the phone system UI is not a small improvement, the new Android 3.1 user interface is also a change previously Android monotonous style. The evolution of the many versions of Google should be improved for the user interface experience, the new UI design is likely to usher in a mature version.

3, return to the origin to maintain open-source characteristics

Prior to the Android 3.0 was announced not to take the revenue-raising measures, however, Google know that a major success features of the Android system is open source. Eat bitterness on the tablet is bound to avoid the brand new Android 4.0, user-centered Brush resources will definitely give Android 4.0 icing on the cake. If you are a ROM to customize the user, then you would be very happy this message, believe the source is released, and soon will be able to see of CyanogenMod.

4, synchronization to upgrade the Linux kernel update 3.0 or later

Android is Google’s own developed mobile platform operating system, the platform based on open source software, Linux operating system, middleware, user interface and application software, claims to be the first mobile terminal to create a truly open and complete mobile software 4.0 the version number will be able to tell us that this is a big upgrade version. Linux has just released a Linux 3.0 kernel did not take long, and later updated to 3.0.1.

5, audio, video, the Android Market to provide resources to download

Google has been testing the water nature of the launch of Google Music Beta, allows you to upload 20,000 music to Google’s cloud servers, automatically create playlists playback on any of the supported flash devices, we have reason to believe this in the Appstore under the influence of digital video, audio services provided will also be on Android.

6, optimized for multicore processors

As more and more manufacturers are pushing dual-core smartphone, the actual effect which we will not comment, but Android 4.0 will in particular for the use of the mobile phone of the dual-core and even multi-core processors optimized to give full play to the performance of dual-core.

7, the running speed to enhance

Although the official temporary no mention of this performance is embodied in what aspects of performance improvement is bound to be.

8, Integrate Google TV and Chrome OS(intelligent parking)

Android4.0In addition to the smart TV Google TV integration, brand new Android 4.0 will also be expected to learn from the Chrome OS system, intelligent parking to optimize these functions is expected to help integration of the Android 4.0 in the number of terminal equipment.

9, Official theme engine for OEM

With this engine, can be updated by Google’s upgrade procedures to these third-party theme. The necessary appearance of the homogenization of such a serious theme and content become the key factor of the phone.

10 analogy GameCenter game center

Google’s acquisitions and investments, such as by LabPixies Slide, Jambool, Zynga, and other companies, these will be the technical reserves of the Google mobile game social network, a direct competitor is Apple Games Center. These indicates that the next version of Android is a platform will usher in an integration of high-quality gaming applications.

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