Storage Problems

Why do the specifications state 8 GB of memory but when check the available storage is only 4 GB?

A. The specification states the total amount of internal memory; however the Android system requires half of the storage memory available.


How come the PC does not recognize the tablet through the USB? Or is asking for a driver?

A.  Go to Settings > Storage > make sure the USB is mounted. The PC should see it as an external storage.
B.  Go to Settings > Developer Options > check USB Debugging.
Note: The unit is plug_and_play. Once plugged in, the computer should recognize it. If not it could be the USB cable or the tablet is not compatible with the PC.
How can apps be transferred into the SD card?
A.  The APK (such as application software and games etc.) are installed in the device. Not in the memory card. Some apps can be partially transferred to the SD card.
Note: that if the SD card is removed the APP will not function. Applications stored in the SD card usually will not work after time. The SD card is used to store personal files such as pictures, music, word docs, movies, and books.
How do I transfer files from the tablet’s internal memory to the SD card, or vice versa?
A. Go to the Explorer App > Internal memory > select desired file to transfer > click Multi icon if more than one file will be transferred > click Editor, a menu will pop up > select Copy, the pop up menu will go away > click HOME, to return to main menu > select SD Card > Select the folder in the SD card desired > click Editor, a menu will pop up > select Paste. A transfer window will indicate the transfer of files
B. Whole files may not be transferable in select units. If this is the case, go to Explorer/ File Manager > Internal Memory > e.g. Open the Picture File (DCIM) and transfer picture files one at a time to the SD card.
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