Wi-Fi Problems

How come the Wi-Fi keeps sliding to “OFF” by itself?

A.  The unit will have to be sent in for repair. The main board is defective.


Why is the tablet not connecting to Wi-Fi?

A. If the Wi-Fi icon is gray in color, the tablet is connected to the modem but the no IP address is obtained. (Not connecting to the internet.)  Reset the modem. Disconnect the router from the power outlet; keep it off for approximately 30 seconds. Connect the router, once it is up and running wait an estimated 1 minute. At this point the cone might turn blue.
If not go into Settings > select Wi-Fi router name > click “Forget”. Re-select name and type in the password. If it is authenticating or having an authentication problem the password is incorrect. Note: Please consult with wireless network provider for the password.
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