Apps Problems

Why did the tablet stop working after the upgrade was installed?

A. The firmware upgrade is done incorrectly or is the wrong version. The tablet must come in for repair.


Why do some apps download, but then indicate “can not play on a rooted device”?

A. A firmware upgrade will need to be done on the tablet. The upgrades are available on the website. If the model # does not have an upgrade, then contact customer service to send it in. Some upgrades are too complicated to do from home.


Why will only some APPS work on my tablet?

A.  All APPS for this tablet need to be downloaded directly from the Google Market. Not all applications are compatible with all tablets or firmware. (75% compatibility).


Why is there no E-Reader as specified?

A.  Most tablets come with an E-Reader pre-installed. If tablet does not have an E-Reader go to the Google Market and download the desired E-reader free of charge. (E.g. Kindle, Aldiko, EBook Reader etc.)


Does the tablet have an upgrade?

A. The firmware upgrades are available on our website. If specific model # is not available, then it is too complicated to do and must be done at the service center.


Why do I keep getting an error message every time I try to download an App?

A.  Go to the SETTINGS > SECURITY > check UNKNOWN SOURCES. Go back to the Google Market and try again. If the applications are still not downloading, the Google Play-Store has locked you out. Go to Settings > APPS > Google Play-Store > select Clear data. Go back to the Google Market and try again.
B.  This is a technical glitch caused by a protocol procedure which can be reversed. Go to Settings > Account & sync > select the menu option on the upper right corner, “. . . “ > select Forget. NOW Go back to the Google Play-Store, and log back in. Now download any app desired.
Note: On first attempt the application may not respond. Retry
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