Screen Problems

Why isn’t my tablet responding to touch?

A. With a paperclip press the “reset” button hidden inside the pinhole. The machine will turn off.  Re-start the unit. If the problem consists it can be one of two things. Either it can be a crack on the screen. Even the finest or smallest crack can cause the touch screen to be unresponsive.  Or it can be a defect in the tablet. Regardless the tablet must come in for repair.


Why are there lines displayed on the screen?

A. Lines or patterns may appear on the screen. There may be vertical, horizontal, many lines or only a few lines. A crack maybe present which causes lines to appear, but not liquid crystal spots are apparent, but black spots may also appear. This can be liquid crystal material spilling out of the crack. This indicates physical damage. If the lines all go one way and display intermittently, then it is possible LCD defective. Regardless the tablet will need to come in for service.


Does the warranty cover cracked or damaged screen?

A.  Manufacture warranty does not cover: water damage, cracked screen, damaged LCD screen, physical damage, or overvoltage.


Does the warranty cover the tablet that is left inside a car during both a hot or cold day and the screen cracked?

A. The tablet should never be left inside a HOT nor COLD car or near any heat/cooling sources as this can cause the battery to swell up and put pressure against the screen.  It is possible for both the LCD and/or the touch screen to crack from pressure. The Tablet should never be taken from a hot environment to a cold environment as the sudden change in temperature can cause the screen to crack. (Or vice versa) This is not covered under the warranty but can be repaired for a reasonable fee.

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