T-711 / T-711K

This can be solved through the recovery reset set option. Please follow this user guide:  With a paperclip press the “reset” button hidden inside the pinhole.
• The tablet will turns off.
• Press and hold the Volume Down (-) button and the Power button together.
• Wait for approximately 10 seconds until the DOPO logo flashes. As soon as this appears, release ONLY the Power button.
• Continue to hold down the Volume Down (-) button.  After 3 seconds, the Android character laying down with his chest open for repair will appear with a red triangle and exclamation mark (!), once this appears release the Volume Down (-) button.
• Now, quickly press and release the Power button and press the Volume Up (+) button ONE TIME.
• The menu for android reset should now appear.
• Go down, using the Volume Down (-), to Wipe Data/Factory Reset. Select with the Power button.
• Go down, again using the Volume Down (-) button, to Yes—Delete All User Data.  Select with the Power button.
• Wait for the tablet to finish wiping/resetting/formatting user data.
• Press POWER button again when the option for “reboot system now” becomes available.  This process shall take up to 3 to 5 minutes.
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