What is tablet?

Tablet PC's named by Microsoft in the fall of 2002, but due to the hardware level of technology is not mature enough, and used the Windows XP operating system for traditional computer design, and is not suitable for the operation of the Tablet PC. Until 2010, the Tablet PC is suddenly hot. iPad by CEO Steve Jobs on January 27, 2010 in the United States San Francisco Ou Babu Center for the Arts released the iPad, the eyes re-focused on the Tablet PC to allow IT vendors. iPad redefine the Tablet PC concept and design ideas, and achieved great success, so that the Tablet PC has truly become driven by the huge market demand products. This concept of the Tablet PC (Pad) and Microsoft then (Tablet). In September 2011, with the release of Microsoft's innovative Windows 8 system, the tablet camp once again expanded.

The main features of the Tablet PC is the monitor can be rotated, generally less than 10.4 - inch LCD screen, and are identified with a touch LCD screen, you can use electromagnetic induction pen handwriting. Tablet computers set of mobile commerce, mobile communications and mobile entertainment as a whole, with handwriting recognition and wireless network communication function, known as the terminator of the notebook computer. Structural design, the Tablet PC can be broadly divided into two types, namely, to integrate keyboard variable Tablet PC and an external keyboard "slate computer". Tablet computers built some new application software , users simply write on the screen, text or hand-drawn graphics can be entered into the computer .

Tablet PC in appearance, with distinctive characteristics. Some like a separate LCD display , just display than the average thickness, in the above configuration, hard drive and the necessary hardware equipment. Some look and notebook computers, but its display can be arbitrary rotation.   (2) specific to the Tablet PC Windows XP operating system, not only has the ordinary Windows XP features ordinary XP-compatible applications can run on a Tablet PC, an increase of handwriting input, extended XP features. Windows8 Expand the use of a PC, using a special "pen", operating on the computer, and as simple to use like a pen and paper. Also supports keyboard and mouse, the same as an ordinary computer operation.   4-mobile, like laptop computers, small size and light, you can always transfer its place of use with mobile flexibility than the desktop. Digital notes, collar number of the Tablet PC is like a PDA, handheld computers, and ordinary notebook, ready to Notepad, create your own text, charts and pictures. Integrated electronic "ink" used in the core Office XP applications, ink, retained their own handwriting in Office documents.   Personalized, using a Tablet PC and Pen Settings controls, you can customize personalized Tablet PC operation, calibrate your pen, set the left or right hand operation, set the Table Pc button to complete specific tasks, such as opening an application or from The horizontal screen, go to the vertical screen orientation. The globalization of business solutions to support multi-national language. Windows XP Tablet PC Edition already has localized versions in English, German, French, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and Korean, and soon there will be more localized versions available. Tablet PC, digital ink and handwriting recognition input function, and a strong ability of the pen input recognition, speech recognition, gesture recognition, and mobility.

Tablet PC integrates wireless technology and networks, is expected to become the key to a significant increase in company profits. For business users who often need to fill out the questionnaire, and want to start a paperless office, the staff can use the Tablet PC efficient and have to finish the job. In addition, through the use of wireless technology, work table or command can accurately and quickly get sent to the recipient. Tablet PC company in Vancouver's Bartec Fire, the company claims to use tablet PCs to increase productivity within the company can more easily exchange information and be stored at any time. The other tablet PCs, where applicable, useful stylus efficient and easy drawing and charts. This is an excellent tool for those who need to plan and implement workplace construction workers who Designers can also use the Tablet PC quickly the idea of ​​design. GRAM Traffic the Counting Inc. in the field using tablet PCs to map out the highway design plan and can immediately send the results to the master database, through a lengthy process so you do not need to be on paper painting to convert CAD program in a recognized format. The scientists are also aware of the advantages of the Tablet PC. For example, when they investigate, they can be copying the notes simple editing and then immediately save it to an electronic database, if the Tablet PC installed the words of one such software. In addition, make a slideshow through the stylus more professional and easy editing. The Institute also found that the advantages of using the Tablet PC as opposed to the traditional pen and paper operations. Welcome to the Tablet PC and related technologies because the Tablet PC can help them to strengthen customer relationships. For example, you can save the signature to the Tablet PC in order to ensure security in order to fill out a form to sign working paper, to design, to demonstrate the information, which one. At present, the price of Tablet PC is indeed still too high a point, but its benefits include saving time, increasing efficiency is indeed easier to bring success to the enterprise!